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Title Type Category Author Description
1 TM's contest Video Speak n.a. Region 6 2003-4, Video - 1 hr. 40 min.
2 TM's contest CD Speak n.a. Area Contest 2004-5 - CD
3 Speaking Secrets of the Champions CD Speak Six Champion Speakers Jim Key - Speak Better, Quicker.
Ed Tate - You, Too, Can be a World Champion
Darren LaCroix - Got Humour? Comedy Secrets fro Prof. Presentations
Mark Brown - Power Presentations: from Penpoint to Platform
Craig Valentine - Simple Steps to Speaking Success
David Brooks - Dave's Top 10 Techniques Every Speaker Should Know
4 Magic Moments
1 & 2
CD Speak Hosted by David Brooks 2 DVDs featuring TM's Best Speakers In Their Best Moments - hosted by 1990-2003 World Champio of Publis Speaking.
5 Finding Your Voice CD Speak Lance Miller 2005 World Champion of Public Speaking
6 Humor Speaking and You Cassette Speak TM Int'l An educational cassette album that give you insight on the magic methods of humor and let you entertain while you speak
7 You're Speaking but are you Connecting? Book Speak Margaret F. Hope This book will help you to: Enjoy giving speeches and presentations, focus on your listener.  Win the attention, enthusiasm and support of your audience, and apply skills you already have to face challenging situations.
8 Speaking for Impact: Connecting with Every Audience Book Speak Shirley E. Nice You'll learn and understand how to know exactly what your audience wants and needs.  Define your own personal uniqueness and message.  Feel more comfortable and confident in front of diverse groups.  Effectively communicate to people with different background and values.
9 Meeting Procedures Book Speak Meas Lochrie Lay out the many rules, concepts and principles of parliamentary laws as well as rules of order for the 21st century.  These are fundamental to orderly and effective meetings.
10 Humor: The Magic Genie Book Speak Jeanne Robertson We all know that humor spices up a speech like magic.  But what can you do if you just don't have a sense of humor?  In this book, the author shows you just how to develop and enhance your sense of humor.  You will also learn how to incorporate them in your own style.
11 How to Write and Give a Speech Book Speak Joan Detz Special occasions require special speeches.  This book provides practical tips and examples for those who want to learn how to give a speech that is as special as the occasion.
12 Can you say a few words Book Speak Joan Detz This book contains many ideas in preparing speeches for many occasions.  It is handy reference for the new and the more experienced speakers.  It is helpful if you just don't know what to say for those special occasions.
13 1001 Ideas for your speeches and themes Book Speak Earl Heasley "What to talk about" - a unique speech handbook designed to save your time on the big ideas.
14 What are your goals Book Motivation Gary Ryan Blair Aholistic, integrated approach for defining your desire.  A step-bystep guide to a life of balanced goals with a strong sense of purpose.  Empowering you to make use of changes created through your own answers.
15 Think & Grow Rich Book Motivation Napoleon Hill This book contains money-making secrets that can change your life.  It points out way to personal achievement - to financial independence and to riches of the spirit.
16 The Power of Passion (Achieve your own Everests) Book Motivation Alan Hobson & Jamine Clarke  New Heights can be achieved thorough sharing a commom goal and with burning desrie to work towards its acheivement.  Through sharing their own struggle to climb Everest, they review their triump of the human spirit through the power of passion. 
17 The Magic of Thinking Big Book Motivation David J. Schwartz. Ph.D. This book gives you useful methods for getting the most out of your job, your marriage and family life and your community.  The author proves that you don't have to be an intellect nor need to have innate talent to attain success and satisfaction.  All you need is to learn and understand the habit of thinking and behaving in the ways that will get you there.  Check out the secrets in this book.
18 The Extra Mile Book Motivation Larry Di Angi Inspiriging stories and illustrations, along with a daily approach for staying absolutely focused On Purpose.  It give you proven strategies that will inpsire you to reach your highet and best.
19 Stories for the Heart Book Motivation   Over 100 stores to encourage your soul: Compassion, Encouragement, Virtures, Motivation, Love, Family, Life and Faith
20 Self Talk - Key to personal growth Book Motivation David Stoop Tap into God-given resoure for good, turn out-of-control into self-control, let your emotions works for you rather than against you.
21 Make Their Day!  (Employee Recognition that works) Book Motivation Cindy Ventrice Ventrice shows that integrating recognition into the daily routine is far more effective than spending money on unwanted trinkets.   She outlines the key element s of effectivie recognition….how to develop and utilize them.
22 Happy No Matter What Book Motivation Richard Carlson Happiness has nothing to do with solving our problems.  A guide to happines by understanding 5 principles - thought, moods, separate realities, feelings and the present moment.  A guide through life's challenges and restores joy.
23 100 Ways to Motivate Yourself Book Motivation Steve Chandler Change your life forever.  This book captures Arnold Schwarzenegger's driving force plus many other fascinating action-oriented techniques for developing self-motivation.
24 The Resources - Quality Club Essentials CD Leader Kathleen Wong CD - All you want to know about the different functions and roles for Club Executives as well as Club members.  The essential materials had been collected by a successful District 60 Officer to help Toastmasters in leading a successful club.
25 5 Dysfunction of Team Book Leader Patrick Lencioni A compelling leadership fable revealing team dysfunctions.  It outlines a powerful model and actionalbe steps to build effective teams.
26 Principal Centered Leadership Book Leader Stephen R. Covey Insights and guidelines leading to new under-standing on how to increase quality & productivity, new appreciation of importance of building personal/professional relationships so as to enjoy a more balanced, rewarding and effective life.
27 Millennium Membership Book Leader Mark Levin The challenge is keeping up with the changes in the lives of your members in the new marketplace.
28 Keeping Members Book Leader Arlene & Michael 12 myths and realities in membership retention
29 Weight Loss That Lasts (Weight Watchers) Book Entertain James M. Rippe Breakthrough of the 10 big diet myths.  Gives you the scientific knowledge to get off the dieting roller coaster and shed those pounds.
30 Take a Hike Book Entertain York Region Recreation Trails of York Region


Library Rules

The rules for borrowing are simple:

1. All materials are available for loan to Toastmaster members only.

2. Each member may borrow 1 item at a time.

3. The book can be signed out for two weeks and is renewable for another two weeks (with the book present).

4. There is no charge for borrowing, but if the book is late, a $1 overdue fine will be charged for every week that it is late.

5. Members are welcome to browse through our collection during the break or after the meeting.

So take advantage of the learning opportunities and tools available to you through our club!  

Contact our librarian (Polyanna Fok) if you would like more information about updates to our library or if you would like to borrow a book!