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A York University student

“You need to be confident to develop good communication and leadership skills.  You need to be comfortable in terms of who you are and the environment you are to put in to gain that confidence.  Through joining Toastmasters CIPro Club, I found myself in a welcoming and comfortable space.  I gained confidence as I practiced presenting speeches in this comfortable environment - mentors are always ready to give advice and members are there to cheer you on.  I can definitely see my communication and leadership skills continue to develop in the future ... and it all started with joining Toastmasters CIPro Club."  
[Gloria Lee, member 2008 to 2011]



Current member & winner of Division D Humorous Speech Contest 2009 

“I enjoy my Toastmasters journey. Every speech I made, I gained more confidence. Being able to speak in public and overcome fear requires lots of practice. I am glad that I overcame my nervousness and learned both speaking and listening skills. I find that my analytical skill and critical thinking ability also improved through the evaluation programme. All these skills are acquired through joining the Toastmasters CIPro Club.”

[Katherine Lee, ACB, CL]
Current member
"From my own observations, the Toastmasters program is not designed
for everyone.  It is for people who strive to improve their Communications and Leadership skills.  Since I have joined Toastmasters 12 years ago, it has helped me to develop more skill and confidence in these areas. Toastmasters has also given me 12 years of fun with people who share the same goals with me."
[Joe Chang, ATM-S, CL, Club's Mentor 2006-present]
Club Alumni
"Toastmasters has really been a career building experience for me. It has helped me to take my speaking and leadership skills to the next level. Toastmasters is a great place to gain valuable speaking experience, confidence, passion and motivation."
[Brian Lovshin, CTM, CL, VP Education 2003-2004]
Club Alumni
"I really believe that Toastmasters works. It can be applied to many areas
 of your life be it school, job, family or any group or association. After being a member for a year, I never thought that I was actually improving in my speaking skills. But I always made it a point to put myself in a situation to learn more. It has also been fun learning the other roles that are a part of the regular Toastmasters meeting. True to its promise, every Toastmaster was there supporting me and helping me to succeed and achieve my personal goals."
[Mon Gamil, President 2003-2004]
Club Alumni
"Toastmasters is a confidence builder." 
[Bill Sloan, CTM, ATM-B, ATM-S, Secretary 2002-2003]