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At Toastmasters, you get what you put in!
The more you practice public speaking and communicating, the better you will get at it! At our club, there are many opportunities to get involved!
As a member, you will have the chance to complete manual speeches to earn your Competent Communicator (CC), Advanced Communicator (AC), and Competent Leader (CL) designations! There are also many roles that you can participate in every week...from the head table roles (Chairperson, Table Topics Master, Toastmaster, General Evaluator) and more!
Practise your powers of persuasion at our annual debate, or see how well you can close that sale at our club auction! You will also have the chance to think on your feet during our table topics session, and practice making that perfect introduction! Communication involves more than just speaking, and at Toastmasters, you have the chance to improve your listening skills during our evaluation sessions! Learn the art of giving a constructive, yet encouraging evaluation! And if you feel that you have a flair for writing, why not practise your writing skills by submitting an article in our newsletters?
If you need more of a challenge, why not sign up to compete in the International Speech Contest? Or if you think that you've got what it takes to get the audience rolling in the aisles, try out the Humourous Speech Contest!
Want to gain more leadership experience? Why not run for a position in the executive team? Toastmasters is a place where we are all continually learning and supporting each other...and there are lots of opportunities to do so! Sign out a book from our club library, which contains many resources on everything from how to write a speech, to how to conquer that fear! As a Toastmaster, you will also have the opportunity to attend other clubs and conferences so you can hear and learn from some of the best speakers around!
Whatever you wish to learn and however you want to improve, Toastmasters is a great place to do it!