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The Toastmasters program exposes each participant to a range of communication experiences.


         Toastmasters give you the chance to practice your speaking skills in a friendly and non-threatening environment. With the support and encouragement of new friends from others who want to see you succeed too, public speaking can be fun!


         Regular meetings are conducted in a formal business meeting style. By taking on roles such as Chairman, General Evaluator, Toastmaster of the Evening, Table Topics Master, etc., one can learn how to prepare toasts, how to make introductions, and how to conduct and participate in professional meetings. There are roles in every meeting that you may take part. Each role provides you with a different challenge and a different experience


         In the meeting, during the Table Topic session, members learn to think on their feet by delivering short impromptu speeches, lasting one to two minutes.


        Each new Toastmaster receives a new Member Kit from the Toastmasters International Headquarters, which features a copy of the basic Communication and Leadership manual, general orientation materials, and information regarding skill improvement in the areas such as speech preparation, evaluation, and the use of voice and gestures.


         Speeches are prepared as outlined in the basic Communication and Leadership program manual, and are designed with the new Toastmaster in mind, and gradually introduce you to master new skills.


         A variety of assigned speeches help you develop competency in areas such as speech writing, voice control and persuasiveness.


         After giving a prepared speech, each Toastmaster receives a constructive speech evaluation. The process recognizes speeches for their strengths and provides valuable insight into areas for improvement.


         Upon completion of the 10 exercises in the Communication and Leadership program manual, the Toastmaster will earn the first designation as a Competent Communicator (CC). The next level is the Advanced Communication and Leadership program.


         Besides taking turns delivering prepared speeches and evaluating those of other members, Toastmasters can help you to develop listening skills, help you learn how to conduct meetings, and give you a chance to practice parliamentary procedure.


         Each Toastmaster is assigned a mentor, a more experienced Toastmaster who can give them valuable advice, and feedback on speeches and their speaking goals.


         When finished with the basic speech manual, members can select from among 15 advanced programs to develop speaking skills that are geared to specific career needs. They are: Public Relations, Specialty Speeches, The Entertaining Speaker, Speaking to Inform, The Discussion Leader, Speeches by Management, The Professional Speaker, Persuasive Speaking, Technical Presentations, Communicating on Television, Storytelling, Interpretive Reading, Interpersonal Communication, Special Occasion Speeches, and Humorously Speaking.